Custom Design

Colours available

We are often asked about the addition of corporate logos and colours for Earmitts and these can be provided with some restrictions.

Earmitts are not easily overprinted with logos as the construction and material is affected by most such processes. Some small logos can be screen printed but it does affect the appearance and is not recommended.

We prefer to make the customisation at the raw material stage prior to assembly. That way the logo and the end product look a high quality item.

To carry out customised logos and indeed special colours, requires a fairly lengthy lead-time which involves sending your artwork to our factory and obtaining costs for the logo addition.

These are dependent on factors such as the stitch-count and the complexity of the design and of course the quantities proposed. The actual increase is not particularly high considering the amount of work involved. Normally we would expect the minimum numbers required to be in excess of 500 to be viable for both Earmitts and the client.

 Once they are proofed and approved by the client the production can be carried out. Please bear in mind that our production cycle normally takes place during the Summer to have products ready for Autumn supply.

With this in mind and considering the timescales for design quotation and acceptance by the client it normally takes about 3 months from concept to finished product if the enquiry / order process is started in the Spring.                                      










New for the 2005-2006 Season!

  • Pink Fleece
  • Brown Mink Faux Fur

Fleece Materials

  • Black Fleece
  • Navy Blue Fleece
  • Heather Grey Fleece
  • Red Fleece
  • Pink Fleece
  • White Fleece
  • Red/Black-Tartan Fleece
  • Hunter Green Fleece
  • Hunter Orange Fleece

Faux Fur Materials

  • Black Mink Faux Fur
  • Brown Mink Faux Fur
  • Leopard Faux Fur
  • Ocelot Faux Fur

Faux Leather Materials

  • Black Faux Leather
  • Brown Faux Leather

Sparkle & Valvet

  • Black Velvet
  • Black Sparkle

Faux Suede Materials

  • Camel Faux Suede
  • Eggplant / Aubergine Faux Suede

Other Materials

  • Denim


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