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Ear Mitts® are the ONLY ONE-SIZE FITS ALL bandless ear muffs lined with Thinsulate Insulation from 3M

Ear Mitts® Bandless Ear Muffs are a stylish way to keep your ears protected from the wind and cold. Their unique patented design works for anyone - men, women, and children. ONE SIZE FITS ALL! They are ideal for work, play, or evening use.

If you wait for bus, taxi or train, you'll love Ear Mitts® the first time you feel them warm your ears. Perfect for casual, business or evening use. They're just the thing for anyone who works in the cold — from postmen to construction workers, policemen to doormen, ski instructors to sports officials, and landscapers to gardeners. At work or while working out, Ear Mitts will keep you comfortable.

The design has just been improved for a better fit. The special inside frame now has the capability to mould itself to your particular ear shape. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they become!

Ear Mitts are a fun way to keep your ears warm without flattening out your hair style. They easily slip on (like mittens) without a headband to mess up your hair.

Ear Mitts are a relatively new product to the United Kingdom, previously only available through international mail order websites. They are now stocked in the UK and readily available without the hassle of a long delivery time and high import surcharges. We are looking to expand our network of retail outlets across the whole of the UK and hopefully you will be able to obtain and try these products at a location near to your home. In the meantime why not email us direct for your first pair? You will find a retail order form on the Purchase page and a direct link to  our Nochex secure online payment system. All you need to do then is email or fax your requirements to us and we will despatch them quickly to your home or indeed to another address if you wish to send a gift. We are sure once tried you will be back for more in our range of styles.

Wholesale customers and distribution agents are actively welcomed as are smaller retail outlets and we will be delighted to provide you with quotations for any quantity over 20 pairs. There are significant price breaks for bulk orders placed in advance for the next Autumn season.

Navigating our website is really easy, just use the buttons to the left to obtain all the information you may need about Earmitts. For instance if you click the Catalogue button to the left it will show you the full range available. Please also note that all references to Faux (Fake) in style descriptions indicates that only imitation or simulated fur or leather material is used

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